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Interested in Selling Via Veneto Italian Ice?

In today's competive environment where margins are as tight as ever, isn't it refreshing to find a frozen novelty product that resells itself?


Via Veneto Italian Ice will allow you to grow your business one scoop at a time. Via Veneto Italian Ice is strictly in the Italian Ice manufacturing business, supplying an award winning, consistent, quality product with competitive pricing.

If you are a frozen food distributor or are interested in distributing Via Veneto Italian Ice please call 610-630-3355 or fill out the form below.


Containers are four gallons and clear so you can view the quality before you accept delivery or open it. Lids have gaskets with a tamper-evident seal. Once the seal is removed, the lids can be easily snapped back on.

Size: 4 gallons (15.0 Liter)
Gauge: 80 mil
Square Width: 10"
Height: 13-1/4" (33.66cm)
Weight: approx. 27 lbs.

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