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Interested in Selling Via Veneto Italian Ice?

In today's competive environment where margins are as tight as ever, isn't it refreshing to find a frozen novelty product that resells itself?


Via Veneto Italian Ice will allow you to grow your business one scoop at a time. Via Veneto Italian Ice is strictly in the Italian Ice manufacturing business, supplying an award winning, consistent, quality product with competitive pricing.

If you are a frozen food distributor or are interested in distributing Via Veneto Italian Ice please contact us for more info.


Containers are four gallons and clear so you can view the quality before you accept delivery or open it. Lids have gaskets with a tamper-evident seal. Once the seal is removed, the lids can be easily snapped back on.

Size: 4 gallons (15.0 Liter)
Gauge: 80 mil
Square Width: 10"
Height: 13-1/4" (33.66cm)
Weight: approx. 27 lbs.

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