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1. Just What is Via Veneto Italian Ice?
An award winning gourmet, water-based, fat and cholesterol-free delicacy of many flavors; all with a rich, creamy smooth texture, produced in a central plant with customized machinery, and often mistaken for ice cream or sherbet.

2. What is the Marketplace Target for Via Veneto Italian Ice?
Via Veneto Italian Ice is SUCCESSFULLY BEING MARKETED in Store Fronts, Ice Cream Parlors, Pizzerias, Malls, Marinas, Stadiums, Coliseums, Amusement Parks, Festivals, Fairs, Street & Beach push cart vending, Flea Markets, Camps, Swim Clubs, Golf Courses, Resort Hotels & Fine Restaurants as a Sorbet, Fund Raisers, Carnivals, Zoos, as a great mixer for Frozen Daiquiris, Margaritas, Coladas and more. In fact, anywhere there is a gathering or flow of people, there is a potential opportunity to market a delicious Via Veneto Italian Ice and bring in SIZEABLE PROFITS.

3. How Does Via Veneto Italian Ice Differ From ‘Snow Cones’ and ‘Shaved Ice’ Products?
'Snow cones' & 'shaved ice' are nothing more than ice with a syrup poured over top in front of the customer. Via Veneto Italian Ices are recipes of delicious flavorings mixed with natural cane sugar in a pure water base. They are freeze-blended together in special designed very large freeze machines in our central plant ---no fuss or mess for you --- just lift the container lid and scoop out the delicious creamy-like flavors to your anxious customers.

4. Is Via Veneto Italian Ice, Inc. A franchise?
No!! If you use Via Veneto Italian Ice products, we do not tell you how to run your business. We do help you as much as possible with all the information we learned from 27 years experience to get you up and running at no cost to you except for your time. We charge only for the purchase of our product and various logo support items that you do not have to purchase. Click on the “business opportunities” link above for more infomation.

5. Is There Any Dairy in Via Veneto Italian Ice?
None! All our award winning flavors are non-dairy water based and blended to a creamy- like consistency. All flavors are fat and cholesterol free.

6. What Flavors Are Available?
Click on “ our flavors” link above for more information.


7. How is Via Veneto Italian Ice Packed?
Via Veneto Italian Ice is packed in square heavy wall plastic 4 gallon translucent (for see through quality control) containers. The containers are aprox. 10 in. sq. x 13 in. high and are sealed with a tamper-evident lid. The lid can be snapped back onto the container.

8. Why is Via Veneto Italian Ice Packed in Square 4 GAL. Containers Instead of 2&1/2 or 3 GAL. Round Containers as other Italian Ices?
- Via Veneto Italian Ice containers are heavier in construction for better integrity.
- They are ‘lock-in’ stackable for shipping, storage & serving ease.
- They can be used in serving freezers without the need for purchase of special holding devices
- Per gallon they utilize more space in your storage & serving freezers.

9. Are Via Veneto Italian Ice Containers Date Coded?

10. Are the Ingredients Listed?
Ingredients are listed on the lid of every container.

11. Are the Nutritional Facts Listed?
A “nutritional facts” sheet is enclosed with first time orders or upon request.

12. How Can I Know The Quality of Via Veneto Italian Ice?
Click on our “educate yourself” link above for a thorough explanation.

13. What is the Storage Shelf-life?
Via Veneto Italian Ice can be kept for up to two years if kept at a constant zero deg. F. temperature and left packed in the original sealed container.

14. What is the Retail Serving Freezer Shelf-life?
Minimum 14 weeks maintaining 10 to 13 degrees Fahrenheit.

15. Why is the Serving Temperature Warmer Than Storage Temperature?
At the storage temperature of zero deg. F. most flavors are frozen too hard to serve. Also at the suggested serving temp. of 10 to 13 deg. F. the flavor is enhanced.

16. Can I Store the Product Any Lower Than Zero Degrees Fahrenheith?
We suggest not --- over a period of time there is a possibility of freezer burn.

17. How Is Via Veneto Italian Ice Shipped?
On refrigerated trucks the same as any other frozen food.

18. How Is The Product Packed For Shipping?
Via Veneto Italian Ice is packed on wooden pallets. There are a maximum of 70 containers on each pallet (3 rows of 20). The pallets are clear stretch wrapped for shipping strength, ease of unpacking and see-through visibility for quality control. The dimension of a full pallet of 60 containers is approx. 40 x 48 x 44 in high weighing approx. 1750 lbs.

19. Can Via Veneto Italian Ice Be Delivered To My Business?
Yes! If your business is located in the continuous 48 states (possibly some areas in Canada & Mexico). Check our “wholesale distributors” link above for local delivery information.

20. What If I Am Located Outside Of A Local Delivery Area?
One answer is rental frozen storage which is usually very reasonably priced. For other suggestions please phone us at (800) 339-6010.

21. Can Traveling Concessionaires Have Product Delivered?
Yes! Arrangements can be made using rental frozen storage space to coincide with your itinerary. Remember if you have frozen storage on your vehicle our product can be transported from event to event without fear of spoilage. ---- click on our “ educate yourself” link above for details.

22. How Are Shipping & Payment Arrangements Made?
If you have no local delivery in your area, we ship direct. Click on our “wholesale distributors” link above for the list of distributors. All product prices are F.O.B our manufacturing facility, Norristown, PA. Shipping is an added charge that we will notify you of the cost. We use LTL Brokers and shop the lowest shipping prices quoted. You also have the freedom to shop your own shipping. All shipments must be pre-paid. Checks sent in advance must clear first. We also accept certified checks, wired funds and some credit cards. Note: we reserve the right to change our payment policy without notice.

23. How Do I Get Information On Pricing?
Contact us by phone at (800) 339-6010.

24. Do You Have Any Information On Equipment Needed To Deal With Your Product?
Yes we do. We are not in the equipment business nor do we make any money on equipment whatsoever; regardless we believe we have all the information you will need including the best referrals. Click on our “equipment” link above for details or give us a call.

25. Is Via Veneto Italian Ice Kosher?
Yes! All flavors are certified as kosher and labeled as such.

26. Can Samples Of Your Ices Be Sent To Me If I Have No Other Way To Sample?
A sample package can be sent overnight air packed in dry ice. We do not charge for the samples, dry ice or the insulated shipping container but the overnight freight has to be paid by the recipient. Just give us a call: we make all arrangements.

27. What Can I Expect To Make Selling Via Veneto Italian Ice?
Your cost per serving including product, serving cup & spoon should be approx. 35 to 40 cents. The retail selling price to your customer using our 8 oz. cup, for example, selling somewhere between $1.75 & $2.75 leaves you with a 350% to 650% markup.
What makes this high markup even better is how simple a Via Veneto Italian Ice business can be to run.
Quality ---- Simplicity ---- Profit.

28. How Much Capital Is Needed To Start An Italian Ice business?
We know people that have started for under 1 thousand dollars doing business in such places as flea markets or on a percentage basis on other people’s business property. We also know people that have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and are all doing very well. The really great thing about Via Veneto Italian Ice besides our product is our great marketing concept ---- our product becomes your property when you purchase it to market in any concept that works for you.

29. What Advice Would Via Veneto Give For Someone Trying To Decide If To Become Involed In The Italian Ice Business?

  1. We believe that the Italian Ice business is sound and not just a fad or we would never made the multi-million dollar investment in a modern manufacturing facility with special designed machinery and immense overhead.
  2. Although Italian Ices are little known in certain sections of the nation, in the heavily populated northeast, Italian Ices are very popular & profitable and have been so since their introduction into New York in the 1920s.
  3. They have been for the last 10 years moving across the nation as is evident by the wide spread popularity of our own brand now shipped into 32 states and growing every year.
  4. Educate yourself with a long hard look at the manufacturer of the product that you may want to market; make sure the quality is there in the people and their product; ask for references, and, if at all possible, plan a visit with a list of questions thought of in advance.
  5. Allocate your capital wisely with a well thought out business plan.
  6. If you never try you will never know; your own or your own family business is the real american dream.

30. What Is Your Best Advice For Gaining Customers?
Sample --- sample --- sample --- a taste says it all. A spoonful of the flavor of their choice is usually all it takes.

31. Can I Use The Valuable Name Of Via Veneto Italian Ice?
Yes! As long as any logo reproductions conform to the original trademark specifications and you do not represent yourself or your company in any way as Via Veneto Italian Ice, Inc.; only marketing Via Veneto Italian Ice Products. We have logo support items available and disk for your printers.

32. Will Via Veneto Try To Dictate What Other Products I May Or May Not Use?
Absolutely not !! Your business is your business.

33. Do I Have To Use Via Veneto Italian Ice Name?
No! The decision is yours. Most people do decide to use the Via Veneto name because of the recognition of name with quality in many parts of the nation and becoming more so every year.

34. Does Via Veneto Italian Ice, Inc. Have Any Point Of Sale Support?
Yes! We supply free of charge 11x17 in. heavy gloss paper signs stating “Via Veneto Italian Ice served here” and “Via Veneto Italian Ice flavor list” signs. We also have available at cost high quality pop-up umbrellas, banners in two sizes (2x3 & 3x5 ft.), tee and golf type shirts and foam serving cups in 6, 8, 12 & 16 oz sizes.----- call for prices.

35. If I Have The Opportunity To Serve Ice Cream Also Should I Do So?
If you have enough space to do both (usually a store front location) serving ice cream also, of course, can be very profitable. To meet most customer demand we also suggest using our sugar free flavors for people whom do not want sugar & diabetics. Reduced fat- no sugar added ice cream &/or yogurt helps cover demand & mixing Italian Ice with ice cream (known as Gelati) should be enough selection to please just about everyone. If you have an interest in serving ice cream we recommend going right to the top of the quality list & contact the Hershey Creamery Co.. To find out if you are in their delivery area give us a call at (800) 339-6010. The Hershey Creamery Co. can deliver Via Veneto Italian Ices with or without any Hershey Creamery brand products.
Note: Via Veneto Italian Ice & Hershey Creamery are separate non-affiliated companies although both are family businesses; Via Veneto Italian Ice since 1976 & Hershey Creamery since 1896.

36. How Can I Contact Hershey Ice Cream For Information?
You can click on our “wholesale distributors” link above than click on the “Hershey Ice Cream” logo to link to their site.
Or direct to:
Once on the Hershey Ice Cream web site we suggest you click on “retailers” and study their information on products & programs.

37. Are Via Veneto Ices Used For Any Other Type Of Making Beside Hand Dipping Into Cups?

  • Some flavors are used in the frozen cocktail trade for a superior
    mixer that blends perfect with alcohol to the last drop & is very
    easy to use.
  • Wonderful, refreshing, fat & cholesterol free shakes are made
    with fresh fruit blended in.
  • Mix Via Veneto Italian Ice with flavors of delicious Hershey Ice
    Cream in a blender for a refreshing, smooth, low-fat shake.
  • Use our natural lemon flavor for an intermezzo and wonderful
    pallet cleanser for your wine, cheese or cigar tasting.

38. How Is Via Veneto Italian Ice Inspected For Public Safety?
Via Veneto Ice is under the inspection supervision and licensing of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. Our last inspection rating score was 100% making our facility one of the cleanest food processing facilities in the state of PA. and possibly the nation.
We are also under rabbinical inspection supervision to maintain our kosher status.

39. How Should I Describe Via Veneto Italian Ice To The Board Of Health If They Are Not Familiar With Italian Ice Products?
All Via Veneto Italian Ice products are blended like ice cream but are water base with no dairy. They are shipped, stored & served frozen. There is no mixing to do; just remove the lid and serve as is. They have a 2 year shelf-life in constant 0 deg. F. storage in the original sealed containers and it is almost impossible to build bacteria except by outside contamination.

40. Do You Know Of Any Interested Parties If I Need A Vendor To Serve Your Product On A Contract Basis At My Business?
Possibly so. Contract vendors in locations such as Disney World & Hershey Park, to name a few, are doing very well and have been doing so for many years. We keep a list on file.

41. What Advantages Would I Realize Dealing With A Contract Vendor To Add Ices To My Business?
  1. You no longer need to concern yourself with employees, ordering, inventory, cleaning, repair or any other aspects of daily operation.
  2. You collect your share of the gross income although 100% of the work & investment to generate that income was done by your contract vendor.
  3. The sales are always at the very top compared with other vended food products making Via Veneto Italian Ice a real income producer. This is not just a sales pitch statement but a solid fact backed by years of records. ---- Simple! The people love it.

42. Will Via Veneto Pack Under ‘Private Label’?
Yes, with no quality changes and minimum amounts.

43. Just What Does "Via Veneto" Mean?
Via Veneto is the famous street in Rome, Italy where everything sold is of the highest quality.