About Us


In 1976, the first cup of Via Veneto Italian Ice was scooped out of a twenty-quart machine in Norristown, Pennsylvania for family and friends. The inventors, brothers, Domenico and Natale, along with their cousin, Vito, anxiously awaited their reaction. Their smiles said it all. Via Veneto Italian Ice was an instant hit!

These gentleman work hands on overseeing and guiding every process of manufacture. Their strict attention to every detail, while using the finest ingredients, produces a superior product that is bound to be a winner for you.

Via Veneto's time honored recipes and tender loving care has taken their Italian Ice to a new level of quality that has allowed them to grow in size, flavors and demand. Via Veneto has established itself as the leader in the Italian Ice industry by developing a superior product that stands above its competition.

Via Veneto Italian Ice and sorbets are being served in coliseums, stadiums, major league training camps, amusement parks, institutions, county and state fairs, convenience stores, the finest restaurants and takeouts, mobile marketing vehicles, flea markets and business too numerous to list here.

Via Veneto is currently available in twenty-four delicious flavors and our new sugar free flavors in lemon and cherry. Via Veneto Italian Ice is fat free and cholesterol free, and believed by most who try it, to be the smoothest and most flavorful Italian Ice ever made! Via Veneto Italian Ice leaves consumers' mouths watering for more!!!!